Ethical Issues Associated With Marketing And Advertising

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Ethics are moral guidelines which govern good behavior. Acting ethically is doing what is morally correct. When business acts ethically, it is said they are practicing good business practice. Acting ethically is not similar to acting lawfully because Ethics are concerned with what is right and wrong whereas law is concerned with what is lawful and unlawful. So Legal and ethical issues are closely related as they both deal with issues affecting the society in general.
Ethical issues associated with Marketing and Advertising: Ethical issues in marketing arise from conflicts of interest among parties doing business with each other. Ethical marketing efforts and decisions should meet the expectations of the various players in the marketing effort (Halbert & Ingulli, 2012). Each party has its own expectation on how the business relationship is supposed to be. Advertisements are the most common marketing methods used by businesses. Ads last longer than word of mouth or networking and ads have a greater potential to reach large number of people especially in the digital age. Every aspect of the marketing and advertising are subjected to many regulations. When a product is being marketed and advertised to a particular group, there must be legal and ethical consideration of how this will affect the people you are targeting.
In recent years, there have been various scandals relating to the manipulation of the FDA rules and regulations especially in pharmaceutical industry.…
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