Ethical Issues Associated With Religion

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Can you imagine being employed and prohibited from practicing your beliefs at work? Religion has come to be an important matter in the workplace. This is because of the ongoing religious diversity within the working environment. In today’s world, businesses employee individuals from different countries and religious backgrounds who may practice their beliefs in a variety of ways. There are ethical issues associated with religion in the workplace such as religious harassment, attire, and practices. We have the right to practice our religious beliefs without the interference of these issues which can result from others not understanding our views. Although there are some ethical issues which can arise, religious practices in the workplace should continue to be allowed because of the growing diversity within today’s world and business establishments. Religion in the workplace can ultimately have a positive effect on the working environment because of the satisfaction it brings to those who are faithful to their religion. This satisfaction can minimize issues of religion in the workplace. According to Brent Lyons (2014) in Phys Org, “New research from Simon Fraser University 's Beedie School of Business indicates that organizations could benefit by encouraging employees to talk about their religion in the workplace. The study found employees who talk openly about their religious beliefs are more satisfied than those who hide it” (Para. 1). This quote demonstrates the
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