Ethical Issues Associated With The Korean Based Company

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Korean based company Samsung has many ethical issues associated with their company. One such issue is low wages. One place where this is an issue is in their factories, especially in china. According to, workers in one factory were paid 1,310 renminbi per month, which is the equivalent of 206 U.S. dollars. Because the pay is so low, these workers are forced to work overtime in order to provide for themselves and their families. also alleges that some workers worked up to 100 hours per month of overtime. references China Labor Watch, a New York based organization set up by Li Quang. They allege that up to six Samsung factories and two suppliers showed that safety regulations were not…show more content… also references a report from China Labor Watch. China Labor Watch has said that these workers also work in exhausting conditions, being forced to stand for 11 or 12-hour shifts. Workers are also forced to work without pay, as they are forced to make early morning off-the-clock meetings. Many workers were also forced to take vacation time, instead of pay. China Labor Watch also alleges that at least three factories (TSMD, SEHZ and SSKMT) have hired underage workers, and compensate them the same as adults, 206 U.S. dollars. has said that if a worker is absent from one day of work without applying for leave, two days pay will be deducted from their monthly salary. The China Labor Watch has discovered that many children laborers are working in Samsung factories without labor contracts, and many workers are working 11 hour shifts, but only being paid for 10 hours. China Labor Watch’s investigation into Shinyang revealed 15 labor violations. One such violation had to do with child labor, with these children being paid less. even alleges that some children would work these 11-hour shifts, six days a week. These child laborers were also paid only 70% of what their adult counterparts were paid. “These children, without a labor contract, do the same work for the same long night-shift hours and at the same intensity as adult workers but are paid one-third less.” The Shinyang factory also
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