Ethical Issues Concerning Organic Certification and Labeling of the Food We Eat.

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Are we truly being ethical consumers by buying organic food products?
Ethical issues concerning organic certification and labeling of the food we eat.

This paper explores the ethical issues concerning the certification of organic food products. Consumers have a higher tendency to purchase food products labeled as organic due to their concern for the environment and other purposes intended by organic foods. As such, the organic food market has seen an increasing growth trend in sales. However, it has been uncovered that many companies that produce supposed organic foods do not truly conduct their production process as fittingly as proponents of organic food intended. In this case, consumers are not getting what they bargained
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Yet studies show that as long as consumers see the word organic in the label or display of the agricultural product, they have a higher tendency to buy it. Although companies may claim that they have followed labeling and advertising standards and are thus not liable to whether customers are deceived by their placement of the word organic, the degree of consumers’ reliance on word’s placement shows that actions ought to be taken to inform stakeholders more reliably.
Organic Meat, Poultry and Eggs
Consumers upset about the humane treatment of animals will especially purchase organic animal products, assuming that the organic certification is sufficient to appease their worries. However achieving the bare minimum standard accredits the organic certification from many regulators for many large livestock farms. For example, organic poultry farms are meant to have free-ranging chickens that are not cooped up in cages, but roaming around their natural environment, yet many of these ‘so-called’ farms interpret this as not having chickens in cages. They still pack thousands of birds into a confined space, stepping over each other’s carcasses and excrement. Other livestock receive similar treatment despite being from organic farms. The truly organic farms are usually small local farms that do not have the capacity to produce and

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