Ethical Issues Essay

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Phase 2 Individual Project

Scenario Joe Smith a sales representative is one of Tom Tramlins top people in sales for UWEAR and PALEDENIM. Bill Bateman the CEO of the Peninsula Hotel chains met with Joe through Tom through the last contract and is meeting with him again to discuss the renewal of the contract for supplying uniforms for their employees at the hotel. Joe has become good friends with Bill and his wife and have received many perks since the last signing of the contract, like being invited to go on their yacht, social events, and staying at the hotel which is very beautiful and has an excellent swimming pool with a waterfall that the kids absolutely love. Joe landed the last contract by pricing the uniforms
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Since the policy at UWEAR states, that it is unethical to have contact or discuss business with a client that the management team does not approve of. Since this got Joe in trouble last time with management by pricing uniforms lower to win the contract, he should be cautious of his decision. Discuss with Bill your thoughts and tell him you will get back with him as soon as you can, or you could just explain to Bill, that there can be no discussion of the contract they are working on and it only is a family fun day out on the yacht between friends. Joe should analyze the businesses code of ethics, make the decision, and realize what effects his decision will have on all stakeholders, and anyone that will be affected. How will the decision you make affect stakeholders if the decision you make turns out the way you plan? How will it affect everyone involved if your decision to go with Bill does not go as planned and backfires?
Ethical Theory of Joes response to Bill Joe has a duty and this duty is to be responsible and has an obligation to UWEAR, its employee’s, and his family. The theory of deontological is a moral system that focuses on moral duties and rules. By knowing, what our moral duties are and what rules exist, to regulate those duties will help with a decision to go with Bill on the yacht without telling management, or discuss the matter with management and reassure them that is not business related. If
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