Ethical Issues Faced By Brazil And Japan

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Ethical Issues
One of the most important things when you start a franchise is to have an ethical framework in which you use to operate your business. Many franchises are members of associations such as the International Franchise Association or the British Franchise Association which both have a code of ethics in place. (Ethical Franchising, 2013). It is made up of codes to ensure franchises that they are working with respectable sources. When code of ethics are developed by franchises, they cannot cover every situation that will arise, but are in place to be a baseline for resolving issues when they come up (Ethical Franchising, 2013). There are several compliance issues businesses may face when expanding into Brazil and Japan. Brazil for instance has heavy business regulations and many bureaucratic hurdles (Nair, 2011). Alongside of the strenuous regulations, you may face corruption, governmental inefficiency, legal complications, excessive taxation, poor infrastructure and inflation issues (Nair 2011). All of these complications cause frustration for businesses that are looking to expand their enterprises into Brazil.
There are five compliance concerns with doing business in Brazil. They are as follows:
1. Brazil lacks a place of Business Concept
2. Fulfilling the Limitada requirements
3. Corporate tax fillings
4. Employment Law
5. FCPA Requirements (Nair, 2011).
Businesses need to be certain they want to do business in Brazil and prepared to spend the money so they
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