Ethical Issues Facing The Clinical Research

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Introduction There are many ethical concerns that arise when a company, or individual, stand to make a monetary gain by making a medical decision. In the clinical research, there have been concerns ranging from faking the number of patients enrolled in a study to fabricating study data and insider trading. These issues are what arise when money drives an industry that is supposed to be concerned with patient safety and scientific investigation. The conflicting interests of financial gain and the need for accurate and complete medical research are the overarching issues facing the clinical research industry. History of Clinical Research Clinical research trials can be traced as far back as biblical times, though in those days the researchers used legumes and lemons1. As medicine advanced, so did clinical research techniques. The first double blind controlled trial which occurred in 1943, was for a drug to treat the common cold. By 1946, the first randomized trial began for Streptomycin. It didn’t take long for leading researchers to discover the need for regulatory framework1. The ethical framework that formed our healthcare delivery system is rooted in the Hippocratic Oath, which states that the prime duty of a physician is to avoid harming the patient. However, this oath has not been shown the same respect in the clinical research world1. The FDA, founded in 1862, was designed to be a scientific regulation institution that quickly became a law enforcement organization in

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