Ethical Issues Facing The Healthcare Industry

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The following ethics program will highlight some key ethical issues facing the healthcare industry as a whole, as well as hospice agencies specifically. In this program, I will reference ethical principles used today as well as reference historical ethicists and philosophers that backup the items outlined in this ethics program. There are two major topics to be discussed. The first will be how to treat patients that are at the end of their life, which includes their loved ones as well. A specific issue to be addressed in terms of patient care will be the option of doctor-assisted suicide, often called euthanasia, and why hospice should not support this. The other issue is that of data security and privacy, and how all patient information should be handled in the healthcare environment.
There are many types of categories of ethics and within those categories are specific principles and theories. Here is an outline and brief overview of Ethics as a whole before I detail the ones I will specifically use for this ethics program:
1.) Normative Ethics – a discipline of philosophy that focuses on the study of ethical action
a. Virtue Ethics - direct us to consider the moral character of individuals and how various character traits can contribute to, or obstruct a happy and meaningful human life.
b. Utilitarianism - an ethical tradition that directs us to decide based on overall consequences of our act
c. Deontology - ethical traditions direct us to act on the basis of moral
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