Ethical Issues In Brave New World

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The battle of ethical versus ease is in front row display in A Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley, where he describes a future world told in the year of 2045. The text describes a life of individuals who are chemically formulated into life, rather than being suxualy produced. This is done within the text not because of what the characters believe in, but because they can manipulate the clone to fit into the producer’s desires. These clones are not even aware of what should be of their life, but rather are just one more manipulated puzzle piece made to fit into a puzzle. Questions arise with something of this nature, but one thing is for sure just because it may seem easier to clone citizens to for your country it is not the right thing to do ethically and morally within a society. There is a fine line between selective raising a normal sexualy produced human, and trying to create and clone everybody that is within the population of 2045. Everybody and their brother was being cloned within the text. “Human beings no longer produce living offspring. Instead, surgically removed ovaries produce ova that are fertilized in artificial receptacles and…show more content…
To guarantee life of any form, trial and error experiments must have been conducted leading up to the first human cloning. There has got to have been numerous screenings and god knows what other kinds of tests have had to have been done to ensure the end result desired. “Eight minutes of hard X-rays being about as much as an egg can stand. A few died” (Huxley). Even after all sorts of hard work to try and discover the right of passage of completing a human clone, innocent eggs, and hundreds of man hours have been spent on something that can be done naturally between a man and a woman. So why try to complete such a daunting task so hastily, when one can do something morally acceptable and it is the easier
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