Ethical Issues In Counselling Research Paper

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P1 Describe processes for initiating, maintaining, developing and concluding a helping relationship In counselling it is really important that a relation is made clear at the start and how confidential there information is. There can be different informative things to be discussed at the start which will help to develop a good relation between the counsellor and the client. While initiating a relation there can be different issues as the client might not be cooperating. There can be many ethical concerns of the client which can be discussed. The problem might not be really that easy to share for the client. I they are tortured or treated unfair they might not trust the counsellor and mot el them all the information. Other ethical issue could be If the Counsellor needs to break the confidentiality or not. The other ethical concern could be non-professional talks. This can make both; the practitioner and the client to cross the limits and it can also make the client to share their personal information with Practitioner. It can be hard to recognise the boundaries. Furthermore, here can be ethical principles which should be considered are; Autonomy, Beneficence, Non- maleficence, Justice, Self-respect. These principles can help the client and the helper to come out…show more content…
It is really hard to understand the intense feelings rising during the counselling session and how they can or affecting them personally or professionally; some can be very challenging to handle. Managing their boundaries will help them to understand their own limits. The counsellor should have good counselling skills to cope with the situation. They should not offer any kind of support which is not accepted in terms of counselling. All the support provided should be for the wellbeing of the
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