Ethical Issues In Ea Sports

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An article published by ESPN in September 2013 titled EA Sports settles with ex-players.
While current NCAA players fight for their right to make money, “a large group of former college football players scored a major victory” due to the payout through the EA Sports case.
The college players who did not receive the sports pay out that were involved with the case were met with a solution to settle. The number of student-athletes that were eligible to receive a stipend from the case totaled 200,000 to 300,000 students. Steve Berman who is a managing partner of the law firm Hagens Berman, who served as co-lead counsel in the class-action lawsuit brought by the players, acknowledged to that a settlement had been reached. With a
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Hearing my mother’s opinion on the matter with student athletes not being able to get paid through video games that they were in was interesting. Her side was more on the financial factor as she wasn’t sure how well they would do when they had to save money and take out loans to buy houses. With the athletes not knowing certain ins and outs in the financial world was her worry and how they were handled. There is only so much student athletes learn in the classrooms where they would have to apply it to the real world. If they would pay more attention in the classroom they would learn how properly cash checks, open bank accounts, and how to take out a loan that they needed. Interviewing my roommate who is the football team, I thought he would be for student athletes getting paid through video games but my opinion was obviously wrong. With him not wanting to get paid it was more of the respect factor that put into his reason where he would not want the payout if his teammates did not get one. He was explaining that they are a family and if they do not get a payout then he would not want one, which was
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