Ethical Issues In Euthanasia Essay

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Within this essay the ethical dilemma that will be discussed is euthanasia. Euthanasia not
Being not legal in England has resulted in a 77 year old man, Barrie Sheldon being faced with a 14-year prison sentence for assisting his wife to die. The two main ethical theories that will be discussed are Utilitarian ethics and Kantian ethics both contradicting each other justifying what is morally right and wrong.

Elizabeth Sheldon was an older woman who was suffering with Huntington’s diesase slowly causing dementia and physical deterioration wanted to be euthanised so she could be unable to suffer anymore, resluting in her wanting to die. An issue with Elizabeth wanting to die because of her dieseases was that she lived in Suffolk, England where
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Elizabeth was not living since she was getting sicker and according to Kant she should be allowed to terminate her life before becoming almost unfunctionable since she had the same right to come into this world. Kant’s theory would agree with what Barrie did by assisting his wife in euthansia. Kant would believe this because Barrie not once did he lie to anyone about helping his wife Elizabeth die making his actions morally acceptable. Barrie did not physically force or make Elizabeth take the medication that would eutanise her since he left her with the pills and came back after the weekends. When questioned Barrie complied with questioning and admitted to helping his wife overdose not covering anything up which is why Kant would agree with Barrie’s actions. If Barrie had lied even once about this situation, Kant would see this as morally wrong and not agree with Barrie’s actions. Since Barrie also put Elizabeth’s needs before his own not using an ends to mean results in Kantain theory believing this situation is morally correct and that Barrie should not be taken to prision for his
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