Ethical Issues In Freedom From Hunger And Thirst

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Ethical Issues
Aside from the possible advantages, disadvantages and alternatives to the procedure, an owner, as well as a veterinarian, must consider the ethical risks surrounding an invasive cosmetic surgery such as debarking. The five freedoms are crucial in considering the welfare of an animal, and after exploring the advantages and disadvantages to debarking, there can be a violation of some sort in every one of these freedoms (11). The first freedom, Freedom from Hunger and Thirst, has a possibility of being violated, as complications to the procedure can result in scarring of the larynx, ultimately obstructing the ability for an animal to swallow their food/water. Freedom from Discomfort is definitely violated, as not only is the dog
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Freedom from Pain, Injury and Disease ties into these first two freedoms, because as mentioned above, the animal is going to be in pain from an invasive procedure, followed by an increased risk of infection and disease due to the nature of the area being performed on. Animals have a tendency to lick and/or eat anything that they deem as “delicious” or interesting, whether it is out of boredom, hunger, or curiosity. Having any extra opportunities for bacteria or viruses from feces, other dogs, etc. to enter the wound is increasing the risk of the animal succumbing to a disease, infection or virus that they may not have contracted otherwise. The Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour is one of the welfare concerns most obvious in the case of debarking, as the animal is no longer able to perform the type of communication they use most frequently. While they are able to “bark”, they are not effectively communicating in the way they intend to. This leads to the violation of the Freedom from Fear and Distress, as not being able to communicate with their owner can lead to fear, distress and aggression in pets (2). This freedom can be a difficult welfare concern to address, because if the surgery is not performed and a pet is relinquished, this may also cause fear and distress if they are well accustomed to their
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