Ethical Issues In Networks Systems Design: A Reflection

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Reflection in the project Introduction : My topic was ‘Ethical Issues In Networks Systems Design’ . I have selected positivist research paradigm for use in my research process. Based on the nature of this research process , I opted to employ the paradigm duo its positive approach and its close relevance to the nature of research topic. This research topic also dictate that a positive approach be used in order to arrive at the ethical issues of concern being investigated. There is also the need to give the reality an objective manner. Furthermore, the positivist research paradigm is suitable for use in social sciences research and qualitative. In addition, I have chosen some methodologies , such as : i. Administration of…show more content…
All these were very helpful and beneficial for us. Likewise, I found a lot of relevant information from the (1) Handbook of Computer and Information Ethics and (2) Qates Researching Information Systems and Computing which I find very useful. In addition, the staffs were fantastic and very accommodating especially Jehad. He always supports and helps us through all the difficulties we have encountered. I would like to thank them for everything. - Critical evaluation of won contribution to the discussion (online and face to face ): I studied this module online. I had to login to the Discussion Board everyday for about 40 minutes and read some chapters which are available in Learning Materials. After carefully studying and analyzing the materials available, I have to ask the author some questions which are related to the text, background assumptions, practical and professional implications, social and ethical consequences , or research implications. I put on the weekly readings many contributions; all of them were related to the module. Aside from that, we also have activities on Online Delivery which contain discussion about ethical case studies and the nature of research. I enjoyed reading the case studies because they focus on ethical issues in many organisations. I have written some comments to identify the stakeholders, ethical issues, my point of view, and a brief debate. Of all the materials, I
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