Ethical Issues In Nursing Case Study

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As a future nurse administrator, I have to assess what the root is of the current discord in the unit amongst staff. Setting aside for the mean time my personal conflicts with some members I have to investigate and keenly identify what possibly contributes to the misunderstandings. I have to be objective and ignore the fact that the other staff gossip about me. I have to gather data as accurately as I could. GOAL: To improve professional relationships in the unit. Objectives: 1. To discuss work ethical issues in the unit 2. To determine the factors contributing to them 3. To discover ways to prevent discord among the staff 4. To build on teamwork and ethical values…show more content…
With the help of each staff I would meet, alternatives can be suggested. I would study these suggestions and try to incorporate them in my chosen plan of action. I would act professionally and come up with changes that needed to be enforced as required. I would give ample time for adjustments and changes to transpire. If still beyond the time frame I have provided and there are no improvements in the staff and in the unit, I would have to re-evaluate the course of action I have taken and apply a different method. I would continue on the process of generating solutions with the help also of the team and evaluation until a solution can be effectively…show more content…
The new clients will be educated regarding health care services. 2. The staff to competently care for culturally-diverse population 3. The health agency will establish community partnerships. a. to inform clients on healthcare policy in the country b. to inform the clients about the health care procedures in the agency c. to provide necessary information on the available health care services d. to address and provide necessary health care needs of the clients a. to have awareness of the different cultural groups existing in the society b. to be able to provide culturally safe and quality nursing care c. to know proper communication techniques a. to be able to coordinate health care with the community b. to develop and apply evidence-based practice (EBP) with the community c. to encourage participation from the community. Health information dissemination Health promotion Health care services provision Cultural diversity awareness Communication
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