Ethical Issues In Nursing Practice Essay

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This concept is taken from module 1 of block 6 entitled “Ethical Issues in Nursing Practice”.
2.1 Significance of the Concept
Ethics is developing a way of determining what values ought to be-how we ought to act embraces characteristics of honesty, fairness, compassion and integrity. Law is rules created by the governing body of a society to maintain harmony, stability and justice in that society. Ethics and law are exactly same in that ethics is what one should or should not do according to principles or norms of conduct. Ethics codes are not produced by democratically elected legislatures and the enforcement mechanisms are usually informal, may be complex and even unconscious. Whereas law is what one must do or must not do according to legal dictates. Laws are created by democratically elected legislatures in democracies and it comes with explicit penalties for infractions and a formal enforcement system.

To practice in an ethically sound professional manner, it is necessary to balance ethical
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For example, the Hippocratic oat, the prayer of Moses Maimonides, the bible, the Holy Koran, and the Islamic legacy, as well as cultures, traditions, and social morality have shaped and guided the development of ethical standards in the medical profession. The majority of these historical documents focus on “avoiding harm to patients” Ethics refers to a professional moral conduct. Ethics, particularly professional ethics, describes the moral actions based on professional character and ethical principles in each profession. The statements of medical ethics require the health care providers to do what is best for the patient and place the patients’ interests before the interests of the physician. Above all, the purpose of medical ethics is to protect and defend human dignity and patients’
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