Ethical Issues In The Azt Trials Essay

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MOLLY: One ethical issue in the AZT trials was fairness, the people in the developing countries received a different course of the treatment than those in the developed countries. The African mother-baby patients were put at risk for the gain of American patients. AMY: One solution that is being implemented in order to create fairness in the underdeveloped countries in order to get treatment for HIV / AIDS is evaluating the possibility of non-retroviral interventions such as vitamin A supplements. studies found that the woman that took vitamin A had a decreased chance of getting infected with the virus compared to the subjects that took the placebo which did in fact get infected. Another cheap and effective way to stop the transmission of…show more content…
This was put into place to prioritize the subject’s health needs and to keep them informed of what experiments they are entailed, along with the outcome of the study; Not only do they have to sign a consent form, they also are told that the study will involve half of the subjects to receive the AZT and the other half will receive a placebo. however, this was a controlled blind study so therefore they could not be told who was receiving the placebo. Before the subject decides to sign up for the study, they are provided information about HIV / AIDS, the intent of the study and the possible risks and benefits for them and their children. The studies and consent forms are approved by the Institutional Review Board at CDC and by the equivalent human subject protection groups in the countries in which the studies are being done. ("CDC Studies of AZT to Prevent Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission in Developing Countries | HIV/AIDS News | AIDSinfo,"
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