Ethical Issues Involved in Research on Children

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It has several advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that it helps to prove a hypothesis through the collection of data on independent or dependent variables in a closed or open environment. Experiments help to create the ideal environment for the researcher to study the phenomenon. However, it suffers the disadvantage of limiting the behavior that can be studied since the test is not conducted in the natural environment. The laboratory experiment helps researchers to control and manipulate variables as they wish and to measure the effect with ease. It also allows them to facilitate replication through reproducing identical conditions to the desirable ones for the experiment. However, the results may not be applicable to the natural environment as a result of the researcher controlling the environment too much. Experiments in general also help researchers to collect data on changes that occur over time. However, especially for longitudinal studies, the researcher may need to collect huge amounts of data which requires a lot of time. This also increases the expense of the research.
Ethical issues involved in research on children
One common issue is that of data confidentiality. The researchers should try as hard as possible to ensure that study data is stored confidentially and…
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