Ethical Issues Of A Business

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To: Betty Benjamin
From: Amika Boswell
Subject: Explaining the ethical issues that a business needs to take into consideration in their operational activities.

Ethical issues surrounding the operation of Cadburys

Throughout this report I will be explaining the ethical issues that Cadburys needs to consider in their day to day activities. Also I will be focusing on the aims and objectives of the Cadburys.

According to business case study the definition for business ethics is “the moral principles that guide the way a business behave. Acting in an ethical way involves distinguishing between “wrong” then making the “right” choice.”

Cadbury is a British confectionary company which is the largest and oldest family run business in the world. Cadbury merged with Schweppes in 1969 and it now the third world leading producer of soft drinks and second largest confectionery brand in the world. Cadbury operates in more than fifty countries worldwide.

Cadbury’s mission statement
Cadbury is based on delivering good quality as they have promise to their customers to provide good quality in their products. Cadbury is committed to ensure to constantly improve on their quality to guarantee that they have provide what has been promised by the company.

Corporate objectives that will help Cadburys meet their aims
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