Ethical Issues Of A Group Counseling Session

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This research paper will explore the various ethical issues that arise during a group counseling session. There are certain ethical standards that a counselor should uphold in group counseling session, from the initial stages of forming a group, to the working stage of a counseling group, a group leader should uphold definitive ethical moral codes. This paper will also enlighten the various ways that a group counselor should act in the midst of conflict as well as confidentiality within the group. Later we will conclude the reasons why a counselor would choose group counseling settings over individual counseling. The topics listed above will be addressed in the research paper to follow.Ethics in Groups Group counseling consist of a psychiatric care in which several patients meet together with one or more therapist at a time. Every group might have a different topic that they want to address to the group but the reason for joining together is the same. They all wish and hope for personal growth (Jacobs, Masson, Harvill, Schimmel, 2012). Jacobs (2012) makes a distinct depiction of the financial issue that individual counseling can create. “Although there is still a in a community agency for individual counseling, limiting the delivery of services to this model is no longer practical, especially in these tight financial times. Not only do groups let practitioners work with more clients, but the group process is a unique l earning advantages”(Jacobs, 2012, p.3). ETHICS IN
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