Ethical Issues Of Education Organizational Structure Essay

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Ethical issues in Education Organizational Structure Ethics are a set of principles that people use to decide what is right and wrong. Other words such as principles and morals are used concurrently when discussing ethics. Principles are major beliefs and rules that have a significant influence on the way things are done as well as relationships with others. Morals are principals of right or wrong behavior that are generally accepted by a society. With a basic understanding of these basic terms of ethics, a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of ethics in general becomes more attainable. Situational ethics can be grouped into various categories such as political and governance ethics, social and economic ethics. Further breakdown of these broad categories gives examples such as business ethics, educational ethics, law ethics and internet ethics. Often, the impact of ethics is greatly under-rated , however the elite and aware majority do acknowledge ethics as the foundation of global harmony. A specific analysis of an educational ethical dilemma aims to understand the factors of determining right from wrong in an attempt to reach a moral standing after analysis. The ethical dilemma is set in an education institution, the Deputy principal , who is a friend, altered the Higher School Certificate (HSC) to improve the results for the students undertaking mathematics and give them an overall high mark. I reported him to the department EPAC , the employment

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