Ethical Issues Of Health Care

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Introduction: It is quiet common in health care profession that there is always clash between a patient’s family and health care personnel. It has been observed that few patients inevitably suffer from the consequences, that they made during the course of their care or when they are hospitalized. Many people, who need surgical procedure or diagnostic tests, are compelled to wait months, or in worst cases for few years. This are few examples of some ethical issues that a patients and their near one may need to face in a health care organization (Breslin, MacRae, Bell & Singer, 2005). Besides that there are other issues are present in health sector. Apart from that there is a great discrimination have been observed in addressing ethical issues in health care from one issue to another. Few of the issue receives great attention from different media as well as from government where as others remain unnoticed. The aim of this study to figure out three ethical issues in health sector and analyzing the issue using ethical decision making process. So doing intensive study about different ethical issues in health I have figured out three of them and mentioned below. Ethical issues: The first issue is that, there is a disagreement between the patients/ families and medical authority on the decision regarding treatment. According to expert, these kinds of disagreements typically have two types. In one type health expert may impose a treatment option that is highly unaccepted by the
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