Ethical Issues Of Health Care

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Ethical Issues in Health Care There are more ethical issues in health care then you could imagine, I will introduce three of such issues here in this paper. For starters “Making Basic Health Care Accessible,” today in our society there are many Americans that still lack basic health care. Most travel miles to get proper care, and pay extra out-of-pocket to receive this care. Not only basic health care but durable medical equipment (DME) and radiologic testing. Most health care plans have a network of doctors for the members to choose from, which may or may not be feasible for them to get to; therefore, if they purchase out of network benefits they could use a facility close to them and pay a substantial difference for the same care that…show more content…
But we must figure out a way for healthcare reform to become inclusive for everyone, and not set up a system that will fail most Americans, especially senior citizens. Insurance companies need to expand their network of doctors and facilities to prevent this gap of no access to treatment. Currently, providers have opened solo and group practices in the tristate area to make care available to the masses; even this seems to be a minuscule approach, leaving a significant number without access. If the network increases, there will be less of a need to travel and spend more money to receive proper care. However, to prevent this issue from recurring, a “Universal Healthcare System” needs to be implemented. The next ethical issue we will explore is “Balancing quality and efficiency in care,” in the attempt to administer health care in a more efficient manner, the quality of care has suffered. Patients are forced from the hospital long before the healing process has begun. Causing an increase in readmittance, after an infection has set in or the patient not healing properly. Home care or after care is an option now to obtain further treatment beyond the hospital stay. The stakeholders here are the patient, the acute care facility, insurance companies, and lawmakers. CMS has instituted a program to reduce the number of readmittances. However, 20% of discharges have been readmitted, (Boccuti & Casillas, 2017) yet efficiency is still the afterthought.
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