Ethical Issues Of Health Care Marketing

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Ethical Issues in Health Care Marketing In today’s competitive world, in order for any organization to succeed it requires the most fundamental aspect of marketing, which is to focus on their consumers (Berkowitz, 2011). As the marketing and technological development continues to keep expanding, as an outcome various health care organizations also need to be more adaptable to suffice the growing needs and demands of their consumers. Furthermore, there is a downside for the advancement in health care as it raises many ethical as well legal considerations. However, with efficient policies and guidance health care marketing can be a great platform for both benefiting as well as educating consumers. Summary and Relevance of the Article in Today’s Health Care Market The article does a excellent job in comparing today’s health care marketing to the health care marketing about two decades ago. Back in the days, health care organizations were not as inclined towards implementing various marketing strategies as compared to now a day (Quinn, 2008). Also, according to Quinn (2008) even to publish a simple advertisement, the marketing department had to gain approval from all the upper hands from “every physician in that specialty to every administrator on the leadership team”. Eventually, the marketing of health care organizations of today has undergone a significant change where advertisement for one’s products and services has became almost a mandatory procedure. Therefore, there is
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