Ethical Issues Of Marketing Ethics

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According to Thomas Donaldson and Patricia Werhane, “Ethics can be defined as the study of whatever is right and good for humans.” Ethics are defined as rules of behavior, code of conduct, ability to distinguish between the good and the bad. In general, ethical marketing is a process through which an organization or a company sells its products and services by using the fair means of ethical principles there by creating a strong customer relationship resulting in an increased value of stakeholders. Therefore, marketing principles includes a fair and true level in marketing communications, respecting the privacy of its customers, obeying and following the government regulations in addition to the standards set by the marketers. The U.S.Constitution (Kennedy’s Consumer Bill of Rights 1962) provides protection for basic consumer rights as long as they meet five basic conditions:
 Right to Safety
 Right to be Informed
 Right to Selection
 Right to Confidentiality
 Right to Privacy

“Marketing ethics has been receiving increased research attention, particularly from the past 10 years.” Alen J. Dubinsky & Barbara Loken. Ethical issues can be defined as a situation or problem in which a company or an individual has to decide what the right thing as per ethics is or what is wrong unethically. These issues can occur in any organization and are very common. The most debated one these days are the ethical issues of marketing. We will be discussing some of the
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