Ethical Issues Of Nursing Are Common And Ever Present

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Clinical Reflection Paper Ethical issues in nursing are common and ever-present. Our jobs as nursing students is not only learn medications and how to care for patients of all types, but also learn what common ethical issues in nursing exist and how to correctly deal with them. One ethical issue I came across more than once in clinical and in simulation was the presence of family and friends at the bedside during patient assessments, compromising patient confidentiality and HIPAA regulations as well as putting the nurse “on edge” and at higher risk for making a mistake. I chose this topic because I myself did not realize I was possibly compromising patient confidentiality and privacy when I came across the issue in simulation and…show more content…
The final time I came across this issue in clinical was at St. Luke 's. A patient was just admitted to the hospital for atrial flutter and their entire family showed up at the bedside. I had to perform vitals as well as a full physical assessment and medication administration while they were there. Since I had had Shar’s simulation by this time, I managed to ask the patient if they were okay with their family being present while performing my assessment. They had no problem with it, and I proceeded with my assessment, although I felt like every movement I made was being watched, and I felt distracted by they family asking questions about what I was doing and how it helped my patient. It made me feel “on edge” and distracted, and I felt as though I was going forget something in my assessment.
Preserving patient confidentiality and privacy is a moral responsibility of nurses (McCullough & Schell-Chaple, 2013). Trying to figure out what information can be shared and who it can be shared with, while attempting to keep family and friends up to date about a patient can be a confusing and tricky feat (McCullough & Schell-Chaple, 2013).
In one article I reviewed, I found that one way to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality at the bedside is to
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