Ethical Issues Of The Health And Social Care Sector

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P2 Discuss ethical issues relating to research in the health and social care sectors

Ethical principles of research

Ethics are statements written that mirrors the principles of society it reflects society’s views of what is right or humanitarian. However, morals are not written and are codes setting out what is thought to be good enough or offensive behaviour.

There are globally known guidelines in place that offer a framework of ethics research and this influences the codes of ethical that apply to research carried out in the NHS and universities in the UK. Codes of conduct or practise for health and social care professionals do not openly contain research but the fundamental principles of professional practice would be reliable with hope for ethical research.

Ethical principles that support all research include: Protection of individuals, Ensuring that individuals only participate voluntarily, Ensuring that any personal information relating to the research is treated confidentially, Agreement that the plan for any research project is subject to independent scrutiny by experts.

Protecting individuals from harm

Protecting individuals from harm ensures that researchers think the possible effects of their research on the candidates. For example, candidates rights and feelings should be well thought-out when planning the project and collecting the data from the individuals. Research should not cause harm or offence, but this should be considered in the context of the…

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