Ethical Issues Of The Health Care Industry

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There are many ethical cases going on in the health care industry. There have been doctors who give their patients false diagnosis just to be able and get more profit for themselves. Instead of caring and help treat their patients for the right reasons, they’re giving unnecessary treatments that can cause harm to lives.
A 49 year old oncologist in Detroit Michigan named Farid Fata pleaded guilty to a fraud scheme that involved diagnosing patients with cancer when in reality they did not have the disease. Making them get unnecessary chemotherapy. At least 550 patients that he diagnosed didn’t require the treatments that were given. For those who did have cancer he over treated just to be able to charge the insurance and get more money out of them.
A couple of Dr. Fata’s patients died due to excessive chemo. There were some situations that he knew that his patient was not going to gain anything from the treatment but still decided to give it. Whenever a patient or family member questioned his actions, he would make it seem like he knew what he was doing and since they didn’t have the same education/knowledge as himself, they deferred to the doctor. One patient in particular hurt his head going in to see Dr. Fata but was not allowed to go to the hospital without finishing up the treatment. That patient later died from head injury due to not taking care of it as fast.
Many of the employees knew what Farid was doing but either didn’t get into it due to not losing their job and…
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