Ethical Issues Of Toyota

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Out of all brands of car that originated from Japan, Toyota has been the much known one. It has been the top branch and a benchmark for the global market for its continuous innovation and outstanding quality. Over a period of decades, Toyota strategized on building different cars at a time and it became their habit to self-develop their products which resulted to Toyota being a company that all industries all over the world would want to imitate. Toyota Motor Corporation started on 1933 under the division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works which is supervised by the owner Kiichiro Toyoda. Years later, they produced an engine and their first passenger car called the Toyota AA. At the time of the World War II, they had become an independent company…show more content…
Looking at the studies made by academic agencies and the article released by Associated Press, it was since 2000s when Toyota first encountered vehicle incidents. The involved vehicle was Toyota Yaris and Lexus wherein the acceleration happens and airbags of the Yaris units were not fully functioning causing deaths and accidents for the customers. The manufacturer did not give much attention on scrutinizing the case; and instead they have falsely publicly disclosed that the “main” cause of acceleration was the floor mats without undergoing intense product checking since they were avoiding defect examinations. Looking on how big Toyota has become, they gave so much importance on the company’s market sales reputation. Based on reports, Toyota admitted that they only had a minimal check and redesigning on the engine and floor mats since they do not want to give commotion in the market and it would give less consumers for them. Ethical issue was really present since they deserted the safety of its consumers and they were egocentric enough that only gave importance to its reputation and profit. Wherein in all cases of businesses, it is the immoral thing to do. And during those years, it was mentioned that Toyota had delayed recalls in order to avoid one time massive recalling of
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