Ethical Issues Of Wal-Mart

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Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is the largest retail company in the United States. It was founded in 1962, with the opening of the first Wal-Mart discount store in Rogers, Ark. The company incorporated as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., on Oct. 31, 1969. The company's shares began trading on OTC markets in 1970 and were listed on the New York Stock Exchange two years later. The company grew to 276 stores in 11 states by the end of the decade. In 1983, the company opened its first Sam’s Club membership warehouse and in 1988 opened the first supercenter -- now the company’s dominant format -- featuring a complete grocery in addition to general merchandise. Wal-Mart became an international company in 1991 when it opened its first Sam's Club near Mexico City.1 In 2008 Wal-Mart has 3000 Stores around the world.

2- Background, Ethical issue involves:

1. Employee benefit:
Wal-Mart is the largest retail
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putting smaller, local businesses out of commission. Other ethical issues include employee treatment such as healthcare and cutting work hours, leadership issues including embezzlement and bribery in different countries to secure contracts. all these factor affects Wal-Mart business because in my opinion, Wal-Mart has a full comprehension of their current situation. But, I don’t think they’re is trying to fix their ethical problems . Regardless of all the issues that were mentioned before Wal-Mart has been criticized for incorrect disposal of waste and urban stretch, and that would affects the company sustainability in future. i believe Wal-Mart must consider replacing people in positions of leadership that can influence other managers and bringing in a third party auditors to increase the accuracy. And also begin acknowledging and rewarding employees that have demonstrated
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