Ethical Issues Present in the Distilled Spirits Industry

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The alcohol industry is growing rapidly in foreign markets, especially in countries such as China and Brazil. In the United States alone, this industry generates over 3.9 million jobs and contributed about $8.8 billion directly to state and local revenues (The Industry’s Role section, para. 1). Team TOTs will discuss the ethical issues that are prevalent in the distilled spirits industry, pressures facing the industry as well as investment policy recommendations that VTF should follow.
Ethical Issues
The challenges the distilled spirits industry face fall under two main categories, health and advertising. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Addiction, the use of alcohol is the “third leading preventable cause of death” in the US (2014). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that heavy alcohol abuse can lead to a number of health issues, including cardiovascular, neurological, psychiatric, and social problems, as well as cancer, liver disease, and sometimes death (2014). In addition to the consequences to consumers’ health and wellbeing, the industry must also manage the challenge of responsible marketing. Underage drinking is a serious, prominent issue in the US. Out of the 80,000 people who die each year from alcohol-related causes, 5,000 minors die from as a result of…
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