Ethical Issues Regarding The Human Resource Management

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Introduction For fairness and justice to prevail in any working or employment relationship, some issues concerning ethics must be dealt with. The Human resource management section of any company is responsible for effectively and systematically managing people in the institution to achieve the desired goals. People must be managed productively. It’s also the responsibility of the HRM to ensure there is a healthy and safe workplace. This paper aims at identifying five ethical issues that exist in the field of HRM and then ranks the issues by the importance placed on them by relevant stakeholders. The paper concludes by showing the impact of each issue, its relevance to current and future stakeholders and offers some recommendation on the way forward.
Ethics and HRM.
Ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with morality questions. The branch deals with issues such as what is bad or good, fair or unfair and even what is right and wrong. In its dealing, the HRM faces some ethical issues that have far reaching consequences to the employees of the organization. Therefore, before making any decision that has a moral issue of concern, the HRM must check the various alternatives available.
Equity in an organization is one of the ethical issues that HRM struggles to maintain. This is because equity lays the foundations upon which social regulations in the name of equality as well as spirit and justice are based upon. Equity also determines the level of mutual respect and
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