Ethical Issues Regarding The Youth Participants At Leland Elementary

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Agency Ethics Paper Vonzell White Northeastern Illinois University What ethical issues tend to arise with the population? After being interviewed by the supervisor at BUILD about how this program is ran and all the policies and procedures, I willing selected this agency for field practicum because I was very interested in helping this population of individual’s and I felt that this was my area of expertise already. Unfortunately, to my surprise this was not so, because I quickly realized that my level of expertise in this area of learning was very little. I realized this when many ethical issues concerning the youth participants at Leland Elementary tended arise. Although there are many ethical issues that tend to arise at Leland Elementary, there are at least two ethical issues that tend to be a constant concern in working with the youth participants there. The most frequent ethical dilemma that occurs stem from fights that the youth participants at Leland Elementary commonly partake in. When fights arise at Leland, student interns like myself face an ethical dilemma. Do we break up the youth participants from fighting or do we wait and let the school staff handle the matter? Another ethical issue that tends to arise is in the area of upholding BUILD’s policy on not giving the youth participant’s incentive for good behavior. Due to overwhelming behavioral issues at Leland Elementary regarding the youth, not rewarding them when their behavior improves has led
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