Ethical Issues, Social Media Influence, and Medical Concerns of the iPhone 5 C Model

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Introduction The iPhone 5 C model has incorporated multiple technologies that could affect the current global atmosphere differently. For instance, the fact that this product can connect to multiple medical gadgets could alter the current medical practices. In addition, its production resulted in ethical issues that could affect its future users and non-users. This is because most of the ethical issues affect the workers (who could be prospective iPhone 5 C users). Another important aspect to note is that the social media has had an influence on the publicity of the item. This is because major debates have occurred in the social media regarding the iPhone 5 C models, which have contributed positively or negatively to the market perception …show more content…
Nonetheless, there were some positive comments because the iPhone 5 C model came in an array of colors. This is because of it had colors such as blue yellow, and pink.
Medical Effects of the iPhone 5 C The iPhone 5 C model uses the iOS 7 system, which is accompanied by medical concerns. This technology makes the screen appear to be in layers in addition to a zooming feature than occurs when switching between applications. According to Bashak (2013), this technology has been reported to cause problems analogous to carsickness. This type of sickness is called vertigo that occurs when problematic cases occur in the inner ear or eye. It could be described as what one perceives to be different from the motion in the inner ear senses. The author further asserts that Apple fans have had trouble from the transition involving applications and the home screen. The main reason for this discomfort is the new “parallax” innovation that forces the screen background to move back and forth. Since the iOS 7 is preinstalled in the model, it becomes a major medical concern that must be checked. Another medical concern regarding the iPhone 5 C model is about the smaller dock, which could lead to an increased transition in Bluetooth technology (in the medical industry). In September 2013, Apple executive announced that the iPhone 5 C models would apply 30-pin connectors to 8-pin connectors called

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