Ethical Issues Surrounding Corporate Excesses Essay

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Ethics Lastly, yet another drug company who may not have increased the price of their drug overnight, but over a few short years have made it difficult for patients to afford their life-saving medication as well. Another company that has been pulled in front of Congress to answer for their extreme increase of a lifesaving drug and that company is Mylan. There are many ethical issues surrounding this case with CEO Heather Bresch, her salary increases went hand in hand with the increased price of the EpiPen, not to mention how she acquired the position she holds with the company. In an Article written by Edward Cox (2016), he puts some of the unethical issues surrounding Heather Bresch into perspective, he stated: Bresch was paid $18 million in 2015 as EpiPen prices increased to $600. The move has renewed the debate surrounding corporate excesses. The company has the second-highest executive compensation out of all US drug and biotech firms in the last five years, according to the Wall Street Journal. Bresch’s headstrong attitude has often put her at odds with Wall Street. She has been accused of putting her own interests ahead of investors. When the multi-billion dollar biopharmaceutical Teva showed interest in buying Mylan, Bresch removed decision-making power from shareholders. Bresch previously said her company does not serve Wall Street. Bresch’s father was a member of the West Virginia senate when he introduced his daughter to Mylan’s CEO at the time. Bresch made
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