Ethical Issues That Surround the Welfare System

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Ethical Issues that Surround the Welfare System
Daniel Pexton
SOC 120
Instructor: Sherri Boyd
May 11, 2012

Ethical Issues that Surround the Welfare System
In the last 15 years the welfare system has gone from a government run system, to a state run function. This actually promotes a better welfare system that is in favor of all who are involved, including the tax payers whom ultimately fund it. Creating a program that helps prevent drug use while on welfare, and promoting families to find jobs helps everyone in the long run. The real ethical dilemma comes from the effects on families who are on welfare, and have it taken away due to time constraints. Ethical concerns created by welfare affect the families on welfare, as well as
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Chronic health problems are what the people on welfare are typically dealing with, and it costs many of them their jobs. The other problem that many encounter is the lack of flexibility within the TANF program. Hilderbrandt & Ford (2009) also found the following:
“TANF work expectations essentially required that women give up their previous income generating activities or part-time jobs that interfered with TANF classes and appointments. If they missed appointments they could be punished with sanctions…Many of the women perceived TANF as not giving them enough income on which to live or not teaching them adequate self-management skill…”
The reason many cannot stop receiving these benefits is because they do not make enough money, and many times are forced to quit their jobs to actually receive the benefits. Another ethical concern is the treatment of those who are receiving welfare. Many do not have the education, child care or transportation that is needed to actually get a job, and to stop receiving welfare. Many people get fired for missing too much work because of transportation issues and having children who may be sick or not having a good sitter.
Families receiving welfare are required to find a job in an allotted amount of time, which means they are on welfare a shorter amount of time, making the tax payers’ dollars last longer. The idea of a family cap has also sparked some controversy; some say it is unfair to restrict the
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