Ethical Issues Within The Whole Merger Process Essay

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Introduction The contents of this document define specific consideration for the legal and ethical issues within the whole merger process, accompanying with suggested implementation plan for managing the prospect legal and ethical anxieties for the merger, the proposed plan clarifies establishing an ethical and healthy work environment with proposed resolution to the mentioned issues. Consideration of the ethical issues during the whole merge process. The HR management interface with complex ethical issues. The ethical dilemmas definition is when more than one values contradict among each. Ethical dilemmas affect main corporate range: human resources, customer self-confidence, conflict of interest. Corporate resources usage. human resources dilemmas are the most popular form of organizational ethical issues. Example of human resources dilemmas include ethical problem that appears when people work together. such as discrimination, irritation, work-life balance, contradictions in pay or discipline. Customer confidence dilemmas anxieties ethical issues in relationships with customer, such as confidentiality and loyalty responsibilities. Conflicts of interest occur when fairness is exposed, such as through bribery, kickbacks, excessive influence or advantaged information. Finally, the corporate resources usage concerns dealing hones way with available financial resources and the reputation of the organization. Immoral behavior growths in organizations: 1) when employees are
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