Ethical Issues and Management

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Ethical Issues and Management
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“Managers perform a crucial role in organizations because they interpret company policy, execute corporate directives, fulfill all of the people management needs in their particular area of responsibility, cascade senior management messages down the chain of command, and communicate employee feedback up the chain. They are probably the most important ingredient in an organization’s success and they are frequently the most overlooked. But make no mistake about it—managers are the lens through which employees view the company, as well as the filter through which senior executives view employees.” (Trevino & Nelson, 2007) Managers are faced with many ethical
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However, decision to postpone discipline often turns against employee in question, other members of the department, and manager. I had opportunity to witness how lack of discipline can unravel entire department. At some point one of my coworkers, let’s name her Kathy, started coming late. My office is very flexible and we don’t have strictly set hours, but it is understandable that business hours start no later than nine in the morning. At first Kathy would come around 10 AM couple times a week. Because there was no reaction from the manager slowly 10 AM become Kathy’s regular starting time. After everybody in the department got used to that Kathy starts her day at 10 AM, she pushed her lateness to 11 AM. Before there was any reaction from the manager, Kathy was coming to work around noon and stay in the office to eight in the evening. Shortly after that it was discovered that Kathy is leaving office after five in the afternoon and comes back to punch the time card at eight. Our manager was sustaining from officially disciplining Kathy because she discovered that Kathy had financial and marital problems at home. Slowly Kathy’s work was falling behind, and she could not keep up with her work load. Eventually, Kathy was so stressed by not being able to keep up with her responsibility that she experience nerves breakdown and attacked verbally and physically one of our coworkers. At that time moment security was called and Kathy was escorted out of the office. While the
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