Ethical Issues for Advertising Tobacco Products Across

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Ethical issues for advertising tobacco products across borders. A case for Social Contract Theory
Question 1: How can SCT and ISCT address the controversial nature of advertising and promoting cigarettes across international borders?
Base on the case study, The Social Contract Theory (SCT) generates a workable framework for solving ethical issues: * Sets main principles relevant to the organization in question * Recommends different principles for different communities * Determines the suitable marketing practices * Allows for theory of norms and values
SCT captures two different types of social contracts- hypothetical and actual contracts used in living communities. It is the foundation of rules within communities with
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Thus, Winfield has to concern the underage smoking to commit do not sell its products for the customers who are under 18 years old. Another example, from my own experience, when the customers purchase any beer or alcohol at the shops, club or bar, he customers have to show ID card to ensure that they are over 18 years old to buy these products.
Question 3: In your opinion, does BAT pay sufficient attention to ethics when they market across national borders?
From my opinion, BAT is not par sufficient attention to ethics when they market across national border, although BAT commit with the local countries to protect and follow the local community’s norms through SCT. Because BAT understood the risks and bad effects of tobacco when people smoke cigarettes that the reason why Australia and USA are countries which have strict policies to restrict tobacco’s promotion, advertisement and communication with public. BAT took advantages of loose rules in some developing Asia countries and Euro zone in terms of advertising and promoting cigarette in public to expand BAT’s marketing campaigns at these communities. The general trend in Asia and Euro zone will be similar with Australia and USA, BAT should maintain the way of marketing and communication in Euro and Asia countries as Australia and USA. Besides that, BAT can diversify their business in another way not only focusing on tobacco such as medicine field as producing nicotine for analgesics
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