Ethical Issues in Business (Body Shop)

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The Body Shop: Ethical Issues in Business It is nearly impossible to pick up any newspaper and avoid reading a section that deals with the unethical or even illegal conduct of the people who run our companies. Whether it’s stock manipulation, dubious accounting practices, or discarding of environmental waste, the stories keep on emerging. Ethical standards mostly relate to performance or behavior that is not covered by law, and the rule of law covers behaviors that may not necessarily be covered by moral or ethical standards. The principles for social or ethical conduct are embodied within each member of staff as well as within the business itself. Ethics are “the code of moral values and principles that rule the behavior of a…show more content…
The Body Shop used shop windows and stocking space to support and advertise this cause and encourage awareness with problems in domestic violence in the home. The campaign is successively running in more than 35 markets around the globe and is making a considerable difference. They have also been increasing funds and raising awareness about HIV and Aids for several years now but from 2007 there will be the initiation of a new campaign in which they are in no doubt confident that it will aid those who are affected by Aids or HIV. “The Body Shop Foundation is committed to supporting innovative global projects working in the areas of human and civil rights and environmental and animal protection. To date The Body Shop Foundation has donated over £8million to organizations worldwide (Body Shop webpage, 2006).” 2. ‘Protect our Planet’ The Body Shop has a definitive aim of being economically, socially, and ecologically sustainable. They also seek to ensure that they are responsible and ethical in all of their actions and activities. This strategy envelops all the environmental impacts that The Body Shop creates or can influence. It focuses on their responsibilities and keeps impacts that aim in protecting the environment all through their global business. It places interest on the environmental issues that are main priorities in supporting the
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