Ethical Issues in Forecasting and Decision Analysis Essay

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ETHICAL ISSUES IN FORECASTING AND DECISION ANALYSIS Dunal M. McCurdy MBA 615- Business Foundations November 24, 2011 ETHICAL ISSUES IN FORECASTING AND DECISION ANALYSIS It is especially important to think about the most critical causes of the problem in making your forecasts and decisions. The process of forecasting involves using observations about the problem situation to predict the outcomes of your own actions, the actions of others, and the outcomes of other situational factors at play. Forecasting is especially critical in making decisions about problems with ethical implications because these types of problems often have significant consequences for the decision-maker, and other people, including the…show more content…
For example, when a forecaster knows that a deadline is approaching, ethical issues may arise such as manipulating information to fit the scope of the forecasters outcome, having a bias opinion to reflect a self-serving approach, such as ensuring grant money is continuously received because of the skewed, biased information reported to appear inviting to investors and others that are involved with the project. Integrity and honorable deeds are a part of Christian living. We as Christians shall not follow any kind of ill-gotten gains to satisfy our carnal desires. Psalm 1 state, “Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with mockers.” Also, Proverbs 18:18 states, “It is poor judgment to guarantee another person’s debt or put up security for a friend.” Results indicate that our ethics should include information about the importance of forecasting potential outcomes of a person’s actions and potential decisions before making their final decision about ethical problems. Most ethical guidelines do not emphasize consequences, except in extreme circumstances, like harming subjects. Thus, ethics should emphasize the individual cognitive processes, like forecasting, that are involved in ethical decision-making. II Chronicles 18:13 expresses how important it is for us to make true and fair decisions for the benefit of all involved. “As surely as the Lord lives, I

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