Ethical Issues in Healthcare

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Ethical Issue Facing Health Care: Electronic Patient Records One of the main ethical issues that faces health care is the security of patient information. This information is protected by laws and regulations such as HIPPA, but there are still concerns Scott, et al, 2005). Among those concerns is the new concept of electronic patient records and information. These records are designed to help hospitals and doctors get patient information more quickly, so that patients can receive treatment as soon as possible. Unfortunately, anything kept and transmitted on a computer has the potential to be hacked, so that is a serious concern for patients. Not all patients want their medical records to be available electronically, but they may not have too many options (Romano & Stafford, 2010). Opting out may not be an option for them, and if they do have that option it could reduce the speed and quality of treatment that these patients would receive. Do they want to risk that, just so they can feel as though their medical information is better protected? That will have to be a question only they can answer, but it should be answered based on knowledge and information, as opposed to only guesswork and opinion. People who feel as though they need to protect their medical information at all costs may not feel comfortable with electronic patient records, and there are also other reasons that these kinds of records may not be the best. They can be difficult to access if there are problems

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