Ethical Issues in Hrm in Organizations

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ETHICS IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT QUESTION Identify any ethical issues most likely to take place in the function of HRM in an organization Introduction The term ‘organizational justice’ refers to the extent to which employees perceive workplace procedures, interactions and outcomes to be fair in nature. These perceptions can influence attitudes and behavior for good or ill, in turn having a positive or negative impact on employee performance and the organization’s success. The concept of organizational justice extends traditional models of work behaviour that tend to conceptualize job demands, job control and social support as the main factors determining individual well-being and productivity. ‘Fairness’ is…show more content…
For example, Greenberg (1994) found that smokers more strongly accepted a smoking ban at their workplace when they felt they had been given thorough information about the change of policy, in a socially sensitive manner (sec Internet Resources for more information on implementing a workplace smoking ban). The same principles might apply to the hypothetical promotion scenario given above. An unpromoted worker may be placated if he is convinced that the system used to decide promotions is transparent and free from bias. Voice principle People’s perceptions of procedural justice are likely to be enhanced if they are given the opportunity to present information and voice their concerns before decisions are taken. This can apply as much to general day-to-day working life and management practice as to formal, one-off procedures such as disciplinary hearings. Psychologists have argued that having a voice helps to fulfill particular needs such as the chance to be heard and to influence other people, as well as the confirmation of being valued as a participative group member (Storey, 2000). Simple activities, such as managers lunching with lower-level colleagues, operating open-door policies, or engaging in ‘walk-arounds’, can enhance the feeling among employees that they are being listened to. Other more direct initiatives promoting the voice
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