Ethical Issues in Nursing

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Ethical Issue in Nursing Name: Jackson vrail Class: NR 504 Professor: Dr. Gre Date: 06/02/2012 School: CCN THE ETHICAL ISSUES IN NURSING Ethics can be defined as a moral decision of what it is, and what it ought to be. Ethical issues in nursing have been dramatic and political due to different ideologies and rising technology in healthcare. The American Association of Nursing has provided guiding principles where nurses base their decisions. These principles include;…show more content…
DNR is a common language understood by healthcare team members, and patients are found not to understand these technical words. Nurses should break down the meaning and alternatives available to patients and families. The live example is when the life of patient was deteriorating, the nurse came and told the family member that the ICP number is decreasing. The patient thought that the condition was improving when in actual sense was the reverse. On the other hand nurses transmit information about the patient and family to the physician and other healthcare team members. In other worlds they are “nodal points for exchange of information” (Liaschenko et al. 2009, p.227). They compile information from different sources and come up with a holistic approach to the situation. Another important strategy in end of life and do not resuscitate issue, is the advocacy. This may be both speaking on behalf of the patient to the family, or physician, and speaking on behalf of the healthcare team to the patient and the family members. In all cases, different parties come up with aggressive decisions and treatments which can affect the patient’s life. It is our obligation to challenge these decisions based on the interests of patients and direct the path of the treatment favorable to the patient. It imperative for the nurses to use critical thinking in teaching the family members about the merits

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