Essay on Ethical Issues on Immigration

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Ethical Issues on Immigration There are many issues in the United States. Some of them are more distraught than others. One issue that has recently had a lot of controversy would be immigration laws. Should we put a stop to immigrants coming over United States boarders? Should the immigrants already in the U.S.A. be allowed to stay? These are some questions being asked by today’s society. Immigrants are not all bad; some are very useful to the United States. In society today, it is easy for some people to find issues with immigrants in America, but people also need to remember America was formed by immigrants. Immigrants come from all over the world. Some immigrants are legal and some are not. “According to the Census Bureau, in …show more content…
Utilitarian’s feel that solving the problem is by making the majority happy. But what if the majority is illegal immigrants, then the Americans get overruled and there is no solution. By passing laws that prevent illegal immigrants coming over the boarder it does not please everyone. It is hard for the government to find a solution that would please everyone. Many people feel that the only way to solve this problem would be to stop all immigrants from crossing the U.S. boarder. Then what does the United States become? It does not stay what America is supposed to be a land of opportunity. By passing laws that does not please everyone there will always be some conflict. There will always be that one person that does not agree with what the American government decides to do. Relativist feels that as long as people have different views, then those views should be put into consideration. Some people are for immigration and some are strongly against it. Immigration is a good thing it helps expand our market and provides more laborers. One thing that some people believe to be a positive factor in illegal immigration is, illegal immigrants that come to America and begin working and pay taxes but do not use any other benefits that tax payers in America use. According to Nofziger (2010), “While undocumented workers have extreme difficulty accessing services, they still

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