Ethical Leadership And Business Ethics

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There has been increasing numbers of concerns with the ethical leadership of organizations due to historical problems with company’s downfalls due to management. The unethical conduct of leadership is typically found when the organization does not enforce the ethical climate once determined as important. The paper focuses on different approaches for strengthening the leadership for the organization and enforcing the ethical climate. In addition, the important factors for a strong ethical climate are derived based on a solid foundation for an the organization’s policies and procedures and code of conduct. Organizations can accomplish ethical leadership and behaviors by enforcing and practicing the code of conduct and having a high level or integrity in the leaders that run the organization.
Ethical climate affects the ethical decisions

Leadership and business ethics are a powerful component of an organization’s success or failure. Before the corporate scandals such as Enron and WorldCom, success for organizations could be measured by profit and growth margins. There is a strong link between ethics and leadership because like ethics, it (what?) has been increasingly a topic of concern due to the risk in corporate downfalls and destruction based these two areas (Knights, p. 125 you might have mis-read this quote, since there’s a grammatical erroe in it. Check it again. ). Effective leadership is important in shaping the
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