Ethical Leadership And The Success Of Competitive Organizations Today

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Ethical leadership is a very important element in the success of competitive organizations today. According to Lawton and Paez (2015), “Leading is not bound by convention, it is being curious for the sake of it, seeking new challenges; it may offer its own reward and not necessarily be concerned with the outcome since that can rarely be predicted” (p. 640). Regardless of its dimension, leadership is about outcomes and must present an ethical approach. Ethical leadership provides an organization the ability to respond during its critical times. The leader needs to have good ethics if he desires to have followers that will see the same vision and push forward to attain the same goals. “A vision statement motivates change by saying ‘the bar is raised.” (Satterlee, 2013, p. 69). The vision is how a leader inspires others to follow. Without a vision, the organization will fail. Ethical leadership with an inspired vision is a great start for an organization to excel in its performance and production. Group Consensus The five concepts selected for this literature review are the integrity, vision, selflessness, leading by example, and accountability. Each of these concepts are vital elements of leadership as they aid in establishing an organization’s core beliefs and how they will be managed day-to-day. Without a good understanding of each of these concepts, a leader is likely to suffer from mediocre leadership ability. Effective leaders recognize that people need
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