Ethical Leadership : Unethical Behavior

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Ethical Leadership With all the recent unethical behavior in high profile cases. Someone may ask is there such a thing as ethical leadership? Leadership behaviors have a direct impact on the effectiveness and trust of the leader, the followers, and the organization. In the recent past there have been organizations rocked by scandal and impropriety stemming from how a leader acted or did not act such as: “the alleged cover-up by Penn State University senior administrators of criminal acts perpetuated by Jerry Sandusky” (Burton & Peachey, 2013, p. 354), and the “loudly publicized ethical failures of the late 1990s” (McMahone, 2012, p. 339). These are negative examples, but for the leaders who do things right the results are respect for…show more content…
Heres & Lasthuizen, (2012) “What 's the Difference? Ethical Leadership in Public, Hybrid and Private Sector Organizations”, explore through a qualitative study the perceptions of leadership in different types of companies and tries to answer the question if the ethical leadership model can be universally applied across any organization. Research supports that ethical leadership is essential for productive units and productive followers. The themes of these articles are the outcomes of ethical leadership are OCBs, an ethical organizational climate, and to maintain that ethical climate a leader must role-model ethical behaviors (Heres & Lasthuizen, 2012; Kottke & Pelletier, 2013; Pucic, 2015).
Common Themes
A synthesized discussion of themes that are common across all the articles: The themes that will be discussed are: Ethical leadership behaviors’ impact on OCBs and organizational climate. The leader’s role-modeling and that impact on the ethical behavior of the unit (Heres & Lasthuizen, 2012; Kottke & Pelletier, 2013; Pucic, 2015).
Organizational Citizenship Behavior An important theme in all three articles is the direct impact of ethical behaviors on the followers. The way a leader behaves will impact a follower’s job satisfaction,
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