Ethical Leadership at Cincom Systems

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Ethical Leadership at Cincom Systems Introduction The two aspects of what organizations are doing to create an ethical climate and what they could be doing to augment and incrementally the ethical foundations of an enterprise are discussed in this analysis. The catalyst of ethical behaviors, cultures and frameworks is the senior manager, leader and often the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the firm (Brown, 145). As many in the organization seek to emulate this person's values, perceptions and actions, the extent to which a CEO chooses to model ethical behavior will have an immediate and lasting effect on the ethical climate of their organizations. It can and does set the foundation for future ethical maturity and growth as well (Brown, Trevino, Harrison, 121). Creating An Ethical Climate at Cincom Systems The founder and CEO of Cincom is Tom Nies, a devout Catholic and one of the top sales professionals from IBM during the mid-1970s. His approach to defining the ethical climate of Cincom has been to first create a highly unique, differentiated culture that is predicated on authenticity, transparency and trust, with a strong focus on accountability of results as well. Another aspect of creating an ethical climate in any organization also begins with defining just what type of culture it will be (Palmer, 532). As there are five major types of organizational cultures, ranging from the instrumental, caring, law and order, to rules and independence-based cultural

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