Ethical Leadership in 21st Century Global Organizations

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The demands incumbent upon organizational leadership require an integration of vision, pragmatism, strategic orientation and ethicality. However, as the circumstances shaping the global business environment shift, so too do the nature of these various demands. This is the condition at the center of the current reading and research on ethical leadership in 21st century global orgnisations. For effective leadership to achieve survival, let alone success, in a context where the collision of varying cultural, legal and ethical dispositions has come to influence decision-making, it is necessary to acknowledge and adapt to a more global understanding of achieving organizational goals. As the discussion here will demonstrate, there is a distinct ethical complexity to this adaptation.

Synthesis of ideas: Indeed, this is the focus of the series of ideas expressed within our literature. Here, researchers acknowledge that the inception and rise of globalization, has altered the way that 21st century businesses compete. With the continued dismantling of trade obstacles between borders and across oceans, the…
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